In 2010, after 15 years of hairdressing, I wanted to innovate the hairdressing industry and create a new experience; my goal was to use safe and more natural products, in a welcoming and relaxed environment.


In 2001, I lost a grandmother to brain cancer, I believe that the life-long use of chemical hair colouring contributed towards this; and I didn’t want the industry to continue in the same way. I wanted to create a safer environment, not only for the customer but also the staff, who are constantly exposed to the chemicals. I have a passion for yoga and respect the ethos of Buddhism; and I wanted to bring these aspects into the salon environment where possible; thus, Puro Hair Organic was born.


As expected when setting up a small business in the middle of a recession, there were the ups and downs; but nothing my amazing team of 3 couldn’t handle. We have won numerous awards, including #sbs from Theo Pathitis, and a 5 star accreditation from The Good Salon Guide. I was then accepted to be one of the students for the Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Small Business course; a 6 month training and education course held at Aston University, Birmingham. This course was invaluable to Puro: most importantly through the ‘growth plan’ module, where I realised that in order to change the industry I needed to start from the bottom, which meant a Puro Organic NVQ Training Academy had to be established; to educate the industry in the Puro way!


Puro hair now has 15 employees and a training academy that is growing from strength to strength. We want to be the first organic hairdressing salon chain in the UK, with our second salon opening late 2015.


Puro Hair is a tranquil and relaxed salon, using only the most natural hair products available. All of the products we use are free of parabens, silicone, sulphites and ammonia – a scary list which sounds more appropriate in a scientific laboratory, but which is quite normal in ordinary hair products! The natural products we use are not only better for our health; but also they improve the condition of the hair, and they are ethical.


In 2015, we have achieved the environment we aimed to back in 2010: a welcoming place with a heavy focus on sustainability and being environmentally friendly. We recycle as many of our products as possible, including hair cuttings, biodegradable towels, and even some of our shampoo bottles will biodegrade; all of our refreshments are organic and our furniture and fittings are all vegan friendly.