Organic? So you heard the word ‘organic’ and you think that it will immediately deplete your savings account.

Well this is not strictly true and it certainly does not mean that you need to become the Gywneth Paltrow of healthy living (although lets face it, we would love to rock a pair of hot pants like she can).

Organic is not an emerging formula for the beauty industry and the Swiss have been leading the way with this ethical way of being for many decades whilst the rest of the world appears to have fallen short.

Are you wondering where I am going with this?

A recent study by the Consumer Group concluded that women put an average of 168 chemicals on their bodies each day.

Times are changing, we are becoming a more ethical, aware and conscious community these days. We care about what food we put into our bodies, we have campaigns for anti-smoking, we have groups to help those who like to overly-dabble in the old alcoholic beverage or two (I’m no angel here, but I do know that there are some things in life where “everything in moderation” should be our daily mantra).

We know we need to eat clean (and no, that blueberry muffin does not count as one of your five a day), drink plenty of water and get the right amount of sleep!

But what about the substances our skin absorbs without our full knowledge (?) Like a general election – nobody is ever really fully informed, can you trust the L’oreal’s of the world – the beauty business generates big bucks and there will inevitably be a few political sharks out there.

Products have barely changed since the 1930s so why has the beauty industry not adopted this way of thinking yet (?)

Here comes the science bit…

Chemicals such as Parabens used in beauty products can be deadly, they have been cited as synonymous with breast cancer in women – but the jury is out!

It has also been reported that using chemically based hair dyes have incurred fatal results and this is not only why the skin test is always recommended but we are suggesting that there is alternative.

Luscious, healthy and beautiful hair without the chemicals – that’s what Puro Hair is about. 

Why can’t the industry be a viable business and maintain someone’s health and wellbeing?!

To go organic does not mean that you need to develop a buddhist frame of mind and run free through the Yorkshire Moors in your birthday suit, no! But why not open yourself up to a new way of thinking!

Health, happiness and balance! We can help you look and feel amazing – inside and outside…

(shameless plug)…

Give us a call now on 0121 616 1168 to get one of our fab senior stylists for a cut and blow dry for only £30 and we promise you will feel he difference immediately.

You can also have a sneaky glass of organic wine to complete your experience (well, I didn’t say we were angels – I said everything in moderation)!


And unlike that cheeky blueberry muffin, here is some real food for thought.


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