The festival season is upon us, finally the summer has arrived and as usual we didn’t notice (and yes, true to British cliche it is raining as I write this).

We’ve all heard of Coachella, the Californian music festival which boasts an array of the latest artists, DJs and performers but it has also become synonymous with boho fashion and hair trends.

Personally, Coachella could well be my personal nightmare. I am neither a six foot beauty with legs up to eleven nor do I have that natural boho chic look that those Cali’s rock so effortlessly, I have to work to rock boho (!)

The pressure may be less intense for the rainy-day fests of Britain but fashion and hair styles have still found their way on to the muddy runway.

So here are 7 key styles for 2015 that you can create yourself easily.

Please bare in mind though that there is only so much style you can pull off whilst you wait in line for the port-o-loo, trying not to step on a sink-hole whilst holding a tepid can of Carling (!) but here’s how you can try… our tips on how to achieve hero hair with festival flair…

1) The Rainbow-ombre

Whilst your boss may frown upon multi-coloured tousels your fellow festies won’t – so grab some chalk and express yourself. Let your hair down and show your true colours (don’t worry – chalking is temporary so your boss never has to know).






2) The Boho Band

Why not take a leap out of Bella Thorne’s style look-book – she’s nailed it on the head (!) Or rather, added floral garlands to it coupled with loose wavy locks and she is doing it fabulously.


3) The Cute Crop

Blonde beauty, Chelsea Kane is no stranger to edgy short styles. Braving a bob isn’t just about practical maintenance during the festival season, let’s face it unless you’re glamping it’s just you and your dry shampoo. Whether you’re going for a pixie cut or chin basher, cropping your mane does not mean that you cannot also reveal your inner lioness. So in true Katy Perry fashion – go ahead and ROAR (!)


4) Braid and Glory

You’ve probably noticed the rise of the braid – you’ve seen Game of Thrones (no matter how much you are trying to deny it). But you can also see celebs wearing a braid in all it’s creative and intricate detailed glory for so many occasions these days (it’s not just something that was acceptable for a 7 year old in the 80’s for the school yard, no! It’s graduated and workin’ it). Braids provide a truly beautiful style whether for the red carpet or a rugged green one and you can now find many You Tube video tutorials, blogs and articles that will give you really useful “how to” tips.



5) The Up-Do

So simple – just run your hands through your hair like you just don’t care and tie it up, it’s effortless and gorgeous. It’s easy to maintain through the wind and the rain. Like this 90210 beauty, show off that face and stop hiding behind your locks.

I also apologise for the rhyming excerpt I just rapped to myself, but this is an ode to festival hair. Iggy Azalea – step aside (!)

6) The Bandana 

Just like the boho band, the bandana is your festival friend. That colourful cover-up is perfect to hide any traumatised hair and you’ll look 100% on -trend.

7) Tousled Curls

If you’re lucky enough to have been born with natural waves then this look is for you. With minimal styling required, why not take a leaf from Vanessa’s book and accessorise those luscious locks with blonde bayalage and just let your hair flow free.

So there you have it – our style guide to the perfect festival hair and here’s a few links you may find interesting: