You woke up this morning, opened the curtains and instantly wondered if it’s slightly possible that you just hibernated through every summer month.

We’re afraid not but nobody is going to criticise you for thinking that you had sleepwalked your way through your wardrobe in the middle of the night.

Destination Narnia, arrival time – June (!)

Like so many Brits you are probably looking forward to the coming months when you can escape our fifty shades of grey sky and hit the tropicana of the Med (but let’s face it, our gloomy skies would be much more bearable if it came with a slice of Christian Grey on the side. Jamie Dornan feel free to cast a shadow over my head – am I right, girls?)

Ah, nothing like a holiday romance. But this is not a tale about eyes meeting across a crowded dance floor in Ibiza, no!

That romance – like a fallen golden sunset is only hair today and gone tomorrow (sorry) but that doesn’t mean the same can be said for your luscious locks. This tale is more akin to a 1980’s shampoo commercial – cue hair swish…

Picture this…

Now don’t lie – we’ve all been there (!)

You step off the plane, the heat brushes against your skin and it’s glorious but suddenly you find yourself re-enacting that scene from Friends – you are sporting a little extra volume and you look like you just entered a competition for “Best Diana Ross Impression” circa 1970 (and you’re winning). FAIL!

This look is not “the one”.

So before you start searching for your vacation Mr. Dornan here are 6 reasons to have a holiday affair with your hair…

1. Love the skin you are in and the hair you were born with (that’s not a saying but something like that)… put simply, protect your hair from the sun. Nothing will wreck your hair faster than sun, sea, sand, chlorine and wind. We definitely recommend using Kevin Murphy’s Leave-in Protection conditioner because it contains essential vitamins, powerful anti-oxidants and a complex heat protection formula providing kick-ass defence against the sun and styling for up to 220°C. Alternatively, for a completely beautiful and ethical experience why not also try Organics ColourSystems Thermal 2 Twenty for hair that is so frizz-free and smooth even Santana will be blown away (!)

2. Kiss the Rain – No thanks! Sorry Billie Myers but lighten up. If you’re going kiss the rain then it may as well be to say goodbye. Kiss adios to British BBQ weather and say hello to a sun kissed shiny colour. If you’re planning on perfect beach hair you should arrange a visit to your favourite hair-stylist approximately 2 weeks before lift-off. Not only will this prevent roots from showing but highlights to your hair will add a natural lighting effect which will compliment that new tan you will no doubt be working towards when you get there (working so hard you’ll almost certainly have deserved that fourth Piña Colada).

3. Shine like the sun – no frills, no frizz (!) I know you want to turn it up to eleven post 5pm but don’t over-style your hair in the evenings – instead go for plaits or headscarves and aim for festival boho chic (it works on the beach too). Remember our earlier post? Well here’s a little reminder, click the link to read our SS15 style guide 

4. Tousled beach waves – We cannot all strut our stuff on the white isle like Jennifer Anniston in a cheesy rom-com but we can at least try. Achieve volumised manageable hair using Organic Colour Systems Revive Dry Shampoo which is specially formulated to ensure that your hair looks hotter than the sun using natural ingredients to freshen and instantly lift your waves from root to tip. Plus this super fine and lightweight spray, unlike the sand, means you won’t find clumps or residue for days even after your holiday has ended (the perils of beach activities).

5. Accessorise that mane – This probably goes without saying but if you cannot decorate your hair with useless paraphernalia such as beads and tiny sea shells whilst away on vacation then when the hell can you?! I am of course joking!

Go for a half up-do with retro clips and slides in keeping with your environment and perfect for when the salty wind thickens your locks, these clips can help you look gorgeous effortlessly. Or do it like Charlise and Chez – skim your bangs back with a saucy pair of aviators as 90’s sunglasses are 100% back and you can get them in any colour – neon galore in every high street fashion store this season. Similarly you can protect your hair, scalp and look as sharp as a Bond Girl in a trilby straw or 70’s floppy hat whilst rocking that bikini as you slow-mo from the waters. Why not take a look at the latest range available in Topshop and River Island at the moment.

6. Confidence – It’s no secret that most women feel like they can take on the world whilst on a good hair day…That saying would not exist if that were not the case (nor would the company behind the legendary GHD brand). If you are one of the 95% of the female population who feel fab when their hair does – then maybe you should try Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort. The product to end all other products when it comes to a defining that surfer chick look. Just apply to damp or dry hair and scrunch.

Plus you’ll be glad you did in case you have located Mr. Grey and he needs to run his fingers through your hair, and if not – hell, run your own fingers through it. Achieve smooth, styled and beautiful holiday hair on the go.

Right – back to Jamie Dornan: wink wink (!)

On a more serious note, just like the wise words from a Baz Luhrmann song –  take care of your skin and wear sunscreen but don’t forget to look after your whole self whilst vacationing too. Any of these products will maintain healthy looking hair whilst you put it through challenging elements and they are all available in store at Puro Hair in Birmingham.

If you need any more advice, give us a call on 0121 616 1168 and we can give you further guidance about the right product for you.

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